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Side Hustle SEO Website Auditing

ECOM STORE MENTOR is the perfect choice to help give your website the kick-start or boost it needs. With our comprehensive website audit, we can help diagnose any design and layout issues that may be impacting on your customer's experience.

Not only do we provide you with a video of the audit, so you can see the actual issues we find, we also include a pdf report of the main on page SEO issues that should be addressed.

 We will also do a follow-up audit for you once your design and layout issues have been rectified and we will add a blog post on our site in our Business Directory (free backlink).

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Best Value

Website Audit

USD 99.95


You will get a video review of your website audit and a PDF report on your "on page" SEO

Valid for 3 months

1. A comprehensive video review of your website audit

2. A pdf report site audit of your "on page" SEO

3. Opportunity to add a guest post to our business directory

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