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Product Price Calculator

Instructions For Use.

Note: This calculator is in Beta Test Mode. Please notify us of any discrepancies or issues when using this calculator.

1. The cells in blue is where you add your data.

2. Material Cost is the cost of the product for you to buy from your supplier, or the materials used to make the product.

3. Shipping/Packaging Cost (From Supplier To You) is the cost of getting the goods to you if you are holding stock, or if you are dropshipping there might be a dropship fee or similar from your supplier.

4. Marketing Costs Per Conversion is based on how much you spend in marketing to achieve a sale. This is based on the cost to you for each click on a paid ad, and the conversion rate of those clicks. So, for example, if you have a conversion rate of 5%, only 5 of every 100 clicks to your website will result in a sale, and with a cost per click, we can work out what each conversion costs you in marketing.

5. Labour Costs are what you bill your time for. You may choose to leave this out of the equation, however you must enter a value of 1 in the production rate field to remove the divide by 0 and make the calculator work. The production rate is how many of these products you can produce in 1 hour.

6. Miscellaneous Expenses are the costs of running your business. These values are going to be quite high per product while you have low sales, so I suggest you include the Orders per month at 30 (or roughly 1 per day) to ascertain a monthly average.

7. Markup is the percentage you want to add on top of the base production cost for your profit.

8. Desired profit per week is just a figure to fill in the last two rows, to enable you to get an understanding of how many sales you need to make to achieve your desired outcome.


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