About Good Gut Health Guru

Hi, I'm Steve.

As the website name says, this website is all about good gut health.

Let me start out by saying though, I'm not really a guru, just a normal everyday guy that has had some gut issues over the last few years. I'm not a medical professional, so all the information on this site is not to be taken in any way as medical advice. Should you want/need medical advice, I strongly recommend you seek out a medical professional. The entire content on this website is based on the life experiences of myself and others who have had to endure gut health issues in their life, and now want to share. Some of it will resonate with you, some won't, but we ask that you keep a positive perspective on all the content we provide.

It was so hard finding a domain name that reflected what it was I wanted to share here, and Good Gut Health Guru was the only one I could get that resembled anything like what I wanted. So here we are.

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Diverticular Disease. Over this time I have been regularly in and out of hospital with flare-ups of Diverticulitis, and smoldering Diverticulitis becoming my norm every day. On the 26th July 2023 I had 21cm of my bowel removed to hopefully "cure" me, and I can honestly say its nice to be pain free.

Over the coming months, Im going to be adding lots of content about gut health, and I welcome you on the journey if you would like to stay a while.

I would also welcome your feedback. If there is ANYTHING you would like me to research for you, let me know, I'd be happy to oblige.

If you feel like you could be a contributor, either as a one off contributor, or as a regular contributor with experience in any gut health related issues, please reach out and we will look at what we can do.

Thanks for stopping by.

Steve - The Good Gut Health Guru