William B's Diverticulitis Story

In March 2023, I was getting over a case of long covid. It almost killed me. With Gods grace he saw fit to leave me here. I started with a stomach-ache, I had no appetite at all, so I knew something was wrong.

After a CT scan, I was told that I had a diverticulitis abscess of 2 cm, but I could be treated with antibiotics and should be ok. I was admitted and given antibiotics for 4 days. Another CT scan showed that the abscess was now 9 cm.

I was then told they would perform a needle aspiration and should be ok. I woke up and could barely breathe, where I was told my abscess had burst, and I now required emergency surgery since now I'm septic.

I woke up in ICU with a wound vac, and a stoma, and was in the hospital an additional 7 days.

Before I was discharged, I was informed that Medicaid wouldn't pay for my wound vac, so I would go home with a wet to dry dressing which finally healed in July.

I discussed a reversal with my surgeon who will do a colonoscopy to ensure I am healthy enough to do this.

I am 61 years old and am seriously having 2nd thoughts on a reversal, since it will be painful as the 1st surgery. The recovery may or may not be as long or longer than the 1st surgery.

I have much to think about.

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